West Lothian Soccer Sevens Development Association

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West Lothian Soccer Sevens Development Association

Welcome to the West Lothian Soccer Development Association Web Site, here you will find useful information about the associations role in Grassroots football within West Lothian, Scotland. First introduced in 1993 the WLSDA actively develops Grassroots football in West Lothian Scotland for children aged 12 and below.

Soccer Sevens is a modified version of Football played on a smaller football park with modified goalposts and straightforward rules. This principle aids the development of children to gain skills through activity while having fun. Our Trophy Free leagues provide regular organised games of football for all children 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's.The recent introduction of Soccer 5s has added to our existing Soccer 4s Set up.

We are an Volunteer Association composed of Coaches and Referees who work closely together to provide a safe and fun environment for children to develop in. The WLSDA liaise with West Lothian Council, The Scottish Youth Football Association, The Scottish Football Association and other interested parties to help us maintain this environment.


2009 Age Group Soccer 4s - Meeting will be held in Murieston Utd Club Room at 7pm on Monday May 2nd  - Aim is to start Soccer 4s on Friday 6th May.


2004 Age Group

Inservice 11 a side workshop - May 14th 9.30am at Bathgate Sports Centre

All coaches MUST ATTEND, a register will be taken and if teams do not attend then they will not be allowed to play 11 a side games afterwards


Contact Details Update

Will all Team Contacts update their details on their Profile within Website, contacts not updated before Friday 4th March 2016 will be deleted from Website


Team Contact: Yes or No (only say Yes if you are the contact for games)

Team Name : WLSDA

Team Age Group : 7,8,9,10,11 or 12

Tel No. :

Home Venue :

Year : 2007 (2016) This is the year of your team ie 2007 (9s). ( ) is the season













Interesting Article

Parents have a big influence on the type of player their child becomes. Parents have powerful emotions generated through their involvement with their children, which can be both positive enablers and negative barriers.
These will have wide-ranging and long-lasting influences on those young players. Parents need to look at the “big picture” issues and responsibilities, and not fall into making the common mistakes which abuse this power.
Top 10 mistakes

  1. Taking their child’s sport experience too seriously, and not mixing in the appropriate levels of fun and recreation.
  2. Expecting perfection in their child.
  3. Living vicariously – as though they were taking part themselves – through their child’s sport experiences.
  4. Making negative comments about other children, parents or coaches.
  5. Having an unrealistically overblown assessment of their child’s talent.
  6. Contradicting the advice and guidance of their child’s teachers, trainers and coaches, leading to the child being confused and torn in loyalties.
  7. Failing to realise when their child is developing their skills rather than being competitive.
  8. Failing to see the value of sports lessons as preparation for life itself.
  9. Not realising that their child can learn valuable sport and life lessons even when they lose.
  10. Labelling their child a choker or other name.


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President/Chairperson - Jack Brown - jack_brown@wlss.org.uk

Secretary - Brian Mahood - brian_mahood@wlss.org.uk

Treasurer - Colin Stone - colin_stone@wlss.org.uk

Meeting Dates 2016

February 29th – 7.30pm

April 25th – 7.30pm

June 20th – 7.30pm

August 22nd – 7.30pm

November 7th – 7.30pm

December 5th – 7pm for meeting, 7.45pm for AGM

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